One Platform, Infinite Possibilities

As An End User

Limfinity® is ideal for end users as it can be designed to fit existing protocols and processes. With Limfinity®, there is no need to adapt your processes to fit a rigid product. You dictate the processes within the system; the system does not dictate how you should be executing your work.

Limfinity® is simple to configure with user-friendly workflow and report builders and support for scripting in Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, and more! RURO additionally offers a number of Support options and our Limfinity® Bricks in order to best support you and your team.

The Highlights


With Limfinity®, the sky is the limit! You decide how the product will look and work.

Easy to use

Building the configuration within Limfinity® is made easy with workflow builders and multiple scripting language support.

Cloud Hosted

RURO maintains and updates the server for you, leaving you free to focus on your work.

Limfinity® Bricks

Limfinity® Bricks support a plug-and-play operation to advance the configuration of your Limfinity® system.

As A Company

RURO provides top of the line servers in multiple regions and storage technologies for Limfinity® which are managed directly by RURO and able to be accessed by customers via a web browser from anywhere in the world at any time. This reduces the strain on IT personnel during set-up and execution, and promotes collaboration within your organization using real-time data sharing.

With Limfinity®, your data and processes are stored in one location to promote standardization and ease-of-access. Limfinity® also contains discrete permission settings within the framework to ensure that you are able to control who within your organization is able to access those data and processes.

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