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Blood Kit Tracking

Institutions working with remote patients know the difficulties associated with getting patient samples into the laboratory. With the blood kit tracking module, you are able to record what types of samples were requested from patients and when they were sent. Barcoding of the kits additionally allows you to easily scan the returned samples into the system and continue processing or storage.

Cell Culture

Maintaining cell lines requires a lot of data to be tracked as cells are passaged, shipped, stored, and depleted. With the Cell Culture tracking module for Limfinity®, all your data is stored in one location for easier accessibility. The system allows you to track the parent-child relationships during passaging, so you can control your experiments.

DNA Extraction

DNA Extraction requires careful quality control monitoring to ensure the DNA is of the highest quality for experiments and for sequencing. With this module, you can record how the DNA was extracted as well as all quality metrics for the extraction. Flags and alerts can be put in place to immediately notify the responsible parties when a sample falls below the necessary QC threshold.

WES/WGS Sequencing Tracking

While Limfinity® does not perform genomic analyses, you are able to store the results of any external analysis in the system. Each variant of significance can be stored for patients to allow for future identification of cohorts or to assist in identifying a disease.

IPS Cell Generation

Limfinity® is able to store and track data for each step of iPS cell generation. Whether the process is started from an existing cell culture in the system or from an external source, you are able to begin with cell infection and monitor the process through to karyotyping and storage.

Patient Inquiries

Some research protocols require that patients specifically inquire into being enrolled. In these cases, you will need to keep track of who has inquired and what the outcome of each case was. With the patient inquiry module, you are able to easily track the information with a few simple clicks of the button.

Specimen Processing

Specimens that are received into the laboratory often undergo some level of processing before storage or use in experiments or testing. Limfinity® tracks specimen collection, receipt by the laboratory, processing according to standard operating procedures, and storage or use in testing.

Model Organism Project Tracking

Model organism studies are often complex in the number of tasks that must be performed during the organism life cycle. With Limfinity®, you are able to track all organism project data in one place, allowing you to quickly locate the information you need.

(not breeding as that is ezColony, but the research data with the MO study)

Research Project/Cohort Study Tracking

Research studies often have a lot of data from many different aspects associated with them. This data can include genomic analysis, assays, model organism work, and more. With Limfinity®, you are able to group patients into a cohort and link all research to projects for easier access and traceability.

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